Uncle Podger

Hello world! I am Uncle Podger. I am a computer geek and I favour free/libre software. I answered few questions at the (clearnet link)Stack Exchange site. I am a man, and I love women.

I take care of my privacy; so, I stay anonymous here. My pseudonym is the name of a funny personage by Jerome K. Jerome.

If you need a web site, you can hire me to code it. And to host your site, I recommend (clearnet link)an excellent VPS provider: it offers a hardware virtualization (KVM), and the cheapest package includes 1 vCPU, 1 GB of memory and 25 GB of space on SSD; this VPS hosting is very cheap: the first month is free, and after it the price is as low as $5 per a month or $0.007 (yes, just 0.7¢!) per a hour.

Feel free to write to any of my onion email addresses (from your onion email address at (onion link)Daniel Winzen's e-mail and XMPP service or (onion link)TorBox hidden mailbox service) or to my (i2p link)I2P email address (from your I2P email address); use my OpenPGP key. Previously, my (onion link)Bitmessage address was BM-NBshYub7dbBDdzv73kZnru3hoQmjTfTC and my (clearnet link)Ricochet IM address was ricochet:vzr6d7syry473jud, but both Bitmessage and Ricochet IM are obsolete and no more work on my computer; so, please do not try to contact me via Bitmessage or Ricochet IM since I do not receive messages sent via them.

And if you are thankful to me and want to send to me some money, there is my Bitcoin address.